Save Camera Button Grey'd Out

Started by Kennady, December 15, 2015, 01:01:47 PM

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Hi fellow users. I've just started using KS6 and I am unable to save my camera. I can lock the settings but I'm unable to save the view. The save button is grey'd out. However when I move the camera (adjust view) the save button becomes available but obviously I am unable to press it as I am doing this other action.

I've been saving camera's fine in KS 4 and 5 - am I missing something in the new version?

Thank you.


 8) I've found the culprit.

In Preferences > Interface - I had checked the option 'Include camera movements in the undo stack' (thought this would be handy)

Turning this off brings back the save option for the camera.

Is this normal behaviour?