Author Topic: "explode" objects - detach faces  (Read 2780 times)

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"explode" objects - detach faces
« on: January 21, 2011, 12:21:01 am »
I'd like to see an option where you can right-click on a face and "detach" it from the object so that you can aply different material/texture to that face.
I make a lot of section-renders of our ventilation products and most aluminium profiles are powder-coated but the sliced-side of the profile must be clean alu.
Now if I import an iam-file, I can't aply texture to a single face.
I got a work around, I export from Inventor to step/iges, then open it in 3D Via composer where I can explode and explode by color, then I change the colors and save as 3ds.  Then open that 3ds in KS.
The problem I got with that de-tour, is that the scale of the objects I import in KeyShot seems variable :s  So if I want to add a part later on into my bip-file, I have to change its scale .. and I have to guess most of the time ..