2.2 bump map issues

Started by youknowwho4eva, February 11, 2011, 10:06:16 AM

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I've had to revert back to 2.1 as I'm having problems with bump maps. On some models they just don't display properly. Open the same file in 2.1 and looks as intended.


Are you opening or importing the bip file? Can you provide an example?


I tried both opened big files and imported Iges files. The problem occured most oftern when I turned off repeat.

As you can see in the knife blade in the first image, and the handles on all three pieces in the second image. I saved these files, and downgraded to 2.1 and all render properly. As you can see in the 3rd image this is how the bumpmap should look. In clear, the knife doesn't have those lines in it, but I may have solved this by making the blade and handle 2 different pieces. If I remember right, in 2.1 it had a line. In 2.2 it had the many lines. Can I email you a bip of the file?


Please do send the bip or model and the texture image to [email protected]