Poor curve resolution

Started by jeffw, March 21, 2011, 08:31:52 AM

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I am not sure this is an import problem but here it is. These are Solid Edge models, imported directly not converted to another format. They are generally very good but some curves are not displaying well at all. Renderings are bad enough I have to fuss with them in photoshop to make it acceptable.


Can you increase the tessellation quality in SE?

Which version of Solid Edge are you on?


I am using ST3.

There is a sharpen view command which does smooth out edges but I think this is only
a display function. To my knowledge tessellation cannot be adjusted by the user and the subject
does not appear in the help menu.


I think you are right. I will get back to the SE team and ask them about this. Can you share a simple model?


Here is a file that shows the poor tessellation.


Sorry to hijack this thread, but i am having the same problem. Solid Edge does not have ways to get better tessellation for importing into Keyshot. Did you get something from Solid Edge?



Yes you can change the tessellation inside Solid Edge. Here is what I received from Solid Edge development:

The sequence of steps to improve faceting for specific components is as follows:

1.       Open the part model by itself (not the containing assembly)
2.       Adjust the


Did you get silence by the secret police?



Here are the steps again:

1.       Open the part model by itself (not the containing assembly)
2.       Adjust the Arc smoothness setting to an acceptable value (but only as high as absolutely necessary)
3.       Save the part model
4.       Repeat steps 1 through 3 for the components that need refinement
5.       Import the Assembly


Phew! Sometimes SolidWorks actually does things better  ;D


Thanks Thomas!

I found the option under Solid Edges options! (dont know the real word in english cause my software are in french)

I am having a technician applying all the arc smoothness  to part that shows in the render, wont do it myself!

I have about 1000 parts in the assembly, but at least i can link most of them!


In ST5 it is the Arc Smoothness in the SolidEdge Options. The smoothness under the "view" tab only affects the viewing window, not the smoothness the part or assembly is saved as. In addition, the "auto-sharpen" under the SolidEdge options "view" tab should be set to high.


I have had no success with this method. Small radii parts seem good but large curves are still faceted.


Yes, I've been fooling around with this some too. There seems to be no real good solution here. If someone has a sure fire way of doing his, I'd like to hear it. Thanks.