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Started by MayTec, March 28, 2011, 07:13:06 AM

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Hello everybody from Munich,

can anyone tell me how can i create a thread texture for a screw?
So i am a newbie in keyshot and i dont have a lot of experience in rendering software.

Please describe exactly what i have to do, ok? :-)
In the moment we have the demoversion of keyshot 2.2 pro and we want to know how the software works.
We import models from ProE WF2 or 3 and want to create renderings for our catalog.

Sorry for my bad english,

thanks a lot and regards,


Are threads inside Pro/E only "cosmetic" features?


I have the same thing going on with solidworks the threads are only cosmetic what i did was i added another cut in solidworks to my model just used a simple cut sweep and had it follow a helical path

Gert Noels

I created a while ago the scew in pro/e with helical sweep, this is only one extra feature.


Ok, thanks to all of you.

So i must create the thread in ProE...
I thought i can create a texture in keyshot and render the screw.

Ok, thanks again.


Chad Holton

I've never tried it (creating threads as a bump). It just seems easier to do that in the modeling software (with Pro/E anyway) and also think it would look better having it as real geometry.


I don't have a good pic on this computer but here is a threaded rod I did on a cnc machine, all the screws used the same tread texture and bumpmap.

I just used a pic of some threads I found online and modified it for the bump map...


@neilr, ok can you send me the texture and bumpmap? I dont have found anything like that...?


Threads as bump won't give you much since it's a cylinder. It looks pretty strange to have something appear to have shape from the front, but is perfectly smooth at the edges.

It would be Really nice if someone were to add displacement as an option? Luxion....anyone? And if you're going to do it....might as well make it vector displacement right? ;)


We will add displacement in the future...  8)


Here is the one I used and that you requested sorry I thought I uploaded it then. And here is a better pic with it. Oh just fyi I use the same pic for both the bump and texture.