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Started by chillout, May 08, 2011, 02:33:55 PM

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I'm just new here, so this is my first question.
I had drawn a martini glass that appeared black in Keyshot. I knew I must increase the ray bounces. But when I tryed they apeared blocked. This was also for "Detailed shadows, detailed ind. illumination and ground ind. illumination"

If one of you guy's know a solution?


Grts Chillout


Are you using the glass material for the glass? The only parameter you should need to adjust is, as you write, the number of ray bounces.

-- Henrik


Ok, I restarted keyshot and reimported my model and now it works!

The only problem now is my contour of my glass.


Try setting your Realtime Gamma setting to 2.2, or slightly less.  This is a new trick that Jeff showed us that makes a huge difference, especially with glass.  It's likely to become the default in the near future.  You'll have to tweak some other stuff, but it's worth it!
Bill G