Keyshot 7 Render Competition - Artificial Intelligence

Started by JonWelch, October 18, 2017, 04:44:35 AM

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Finished this last night as my final submission for the competition. The idea behind it being that humanity will become so advanced that we have Ai creating synthetic life. Focused mostly on using Cloudy Plastic, it's been fun getting to use KS7 and the new materials for the last few weeks.

Modeling done in SolidWorks 2017.

In a bit of a rush, but can post setup images later.

Good luck to everyone.


Nice use of that cloudy plastic !! Model looks awesome and the concept is really interesting. Well done.


Wow, the plastic is spot on.
The metals are looking great too.

The biomimicry of the design is awesome. I particulary like how the wrist joint  and "lower arm bone" resemble those of humans.