Anyone using the VR tools in Keyshot?

Started by theAVator, February 06, 2018, 12:03:01 PM

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I finally got a little spare time to play around with some of the newer tools in Keyshot 7, and one I def. wanted to try was the VR stuff. Just curious if anyone else has been playing with this and what sort of results you've had with it? Any tips or tricks to share?

My initial reactions to it are as follows:
1. It's not very intuitive. Animation has its own button, XR has its own button, Configurator has its own, VR is just sorta obscurely tucked away in the camera settings. The only way I found it was searching for VR in the manual and finding the 2 pages that are dedicated to it.

2. The instructions in the manual, while simple and easy to follow, are just that - simple. They really don't get into the nitty gritty at all and barely touch on things like working with animations and such.

3. It seems to have great potential, the video I output looked cool and ran fine on my phone with a cobbled together viewer made from Dixie cups with the bottoms cut out. I want to do more experimenting and playing around with it, but many of the settings are a bit befuddling.

Will Gibbons

Good to hear! Thanks for the feedback and please add to this as you play with it more!

I think #1 is being addressed in the next release.


I think my biggest hang up is the resolution settings. These do not make sense to me at all. lol

So first things first, I'm not do any panoramic stuff right now - just setting perspective and then checking the stereo setting so I can play the vid on my phone with my viewer deal (again, just testing and so I can show others the cool stuff it does).

It seems like you set your image res. preset, but then when you select stereo it changes your resolution but also changes the viewport to the double-wide resolution, but it doesn't show the 2-up like the rendered image would be, it shows your model centered. This resolution however, isn't actually the double of the size you had set ahead of time, its actually double width but your height has been reduced, and if you go into the image tab you can't modify the height, it's like locked down. Now if you change the preset in the image tab, it does all sorts of funky stuff with the resolution and what you see in the viewport and none of it really seems to make sense. The KS manual doesn't touch on any of it so its all been sort of trial and error.

Is there any sort of additional documentation out there or a tutorial that better explains how to use this feature? If not, can there be?  ;D

So anyway, attached is a screenshot of the output on my phone and you can see the black bars top and bottom that show the height isn't actually tall enough, so I'm trying to figure out how to really maximize the space like the stuff you see in the VR apps and whatnot.