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2 Dogs Statue
« on: March 12, 2018, 03:55:53 pm »
After watching Esben and other guys tutorials , I got this one from first rendering shot.
3D Scan is used as an model and with some minor edits using 'curvature' in material properties results are fast and tremendous.
as an background "human skin" material is used.
This is first time I got render shot, materials and colors exactly as I had it in my imagination, except one thing ... Shadows.
If someone could drop mi a hint how to create sharper and stronger shadows as it is shown in preview it would help a lot ? I have sharp shadows in preview( attached screen shot)  and spent a lot of time setting them on the right place but when rendering is done strong shadows simply disappear. I have tried a lot of options while editing environment lights and pins  and material properties but with no results ... Is there maybe some tricks in editing "lightning " tab ? ( product or interior or similar set up ) ? Thank you.