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Trying to understand procedural wood
« on: April 24, 2018, 04:32:53 am »
Hi. I am trying to finish a model in order to render it using procedural wood. The reason why I am using this technique is cause the model comes from Rhino OS which does not control UV unwrapping so well.

I am building this project in real life using a CNC machine. The furniture is made by milling 6 different boards I prepared. So this should not look like a solid wood grain, but more like 6 boards with kind of an even grain (parallel) running along the milled grooves.

Please find attached pictures of the prototype (MDF used on the prototype).  I am planning to use Walnut and find out that KS has a great procedural Walnut. So I would be really happy If I could use this and not relay in a texture which I need to UV map.

If you check the print screen of what I am looking at my screen now Its possible to notice that the "ring" of the wood is driving the grain. I am wondering how to get it parallel. in each groove. Yes I have been playing with the texture locator, but not with good results.
I checked the forum and some people manage to make floors, for ex. So it seems its possible to get a more parallel grain.

I would really appreciate if someone can facilitate any kind of documents, experience or videos. Unfortunately I could not find depth information at the manual regarding procedural wood. I will keep trying by myself, but your help might accelerate the tedious process.

I can also facilitate some part of the model in order to give a better understanding of how to manage to achieve this.

Thanks a lot

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Re: Trying to understand procedural wood
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2018, 12:02:32 am »
Hello Zooropa.

Just play with the move texture tool to move the center out of the part. Every parameter of all procedural texture is well described in the manual.

And there should be some KeyShot 4 Videos explaining the wood procedural in Luxion’s YouTube channel.