Render Error - how to fix?

Started by BachManiac, July 20, 2011, 11:15:09 PM

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Hi! I have a render error!

On the picture you see, that the glass-plate makes errors, because it lies exactly on the structure. But another plate makes no errors and lies also exactly on the structure (see green arrow).

Is this some kine of clipping error?

I tried to move the plate a little bit in keyshot, but this doesn't work, see here:

Chad Holton

Hi BachManiac,

Offset/move your glass about .005" away from the metal frame in your CAD software before bringing it into KS. Hope this helps.


I agree with cholton on this one. Glass is a funny thing if it's touching just a little bit you will get what you see. It's in the model not the software. Back to your CAD program you must go and move the glass a tiny bit.
Good luck!