Clicking "Send to Keyshot" Opens new instance

Started by Chris McSweyn, February 05, 2019, 10:22:02 AM

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Chris McSweyn

When I have Keyshot and Solidworks open and I want to update the model with changes that I've made, when I click "Send to Keyshot" a new Keyshot instance opens. The original instance updates and the new one is just blank. If I close the new instance, sometimes it crashes Solidworks. I really miss the "Update " button instead of just "Send to"

Eric Summers

What version of KeyShot and the plugin are you using? The newest version of the plugin (1.1) for KS 8 separated the "send" and "update" buttons. So if you're using KS 8, update the plugin and it should fix your problem.

Chris McSweyn

Not sure why but, both KS7 and KS8 Add-ins were running. Removed 7 and added 8 to my tool bar.
Thank you