Gemstone with advanced material

Started by Alberto, April 13, 2019, 12:25:44 AM

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Hi everyone. After been using vray for matrix for years , in my company we've decided to give a try to keyshot searching for a faster render,

keyshot , for us , is very intuitive and fast software . Lighting and materials are very easy to setup.

One thing doesn't convince us much is the gemstone material . I mean, I know that this has a lot to do with light/hdri, still , bigger stones are just not getting close to a real gem.

I've got great result using the advanced material , with a good use of refraction map.

There is a problem that I wasn't able to solve. With   advanced material I can't set abbe and , most important, ignore intersecting geometry.

Any body knows how this to options can be added to advanced material ?

If anybody interested in this seasrch I'm happy to share my achivments.

Thanks, bye


For Abbe numbers, try the dielectric material.. enable diffraction and enter the abbe number there.

Not sure if there's anything you can do about intersecting geometry though.


Nope,i dont think there's any way for so called intersecting geometry.Dielectic material,umm may be a good idea but again refractive index becomes a major concern here


The standard gem material has a checkbox for "Ignore Intersecting Geometry" and includes IoR and Abbe/dispersion control.