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waterfall project WIP
« on: September 23, 2011, 04:31:41 am »
So I have been trying to really get in to 3D lately, everything from modeling to rendering. I've been a web designer and developer for the past 8 years or so and am wanting to take a shift, web is getting boring. :P So this is going to be a wip/build log of a personal project I decided to do, a waterfall. Starting from scratch I plan on building the channel for the water, equipped with rocks, trees, and whatever you would find around a river. Hopefully by time the project is completed I will have a very detailed model that simulates well. This will be a huge learning project for me mostly. I'll be learning to do animated renders as well. We're going for a super realistic river/waterfall scene by the end of this project!

My first shot was done using the realtime on screen rendering with a "screenshot" in keyshot.
This is just to show the basic shape I'll be starting with, seems to look about right as far as flowing and falling.
My next step is to build up some walls around the river base so that water isn't falling out the sides and begin placing small boxes as bases for where to sculpt rocks.

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