Apply materials to labels for color

Started by CodyBrown, August 23, 2019, 07:08:52 AM

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I'm using labels to put stripe decals on the side of a boat hull. the labels i place are white shapes that are transparent PNG files. i have paint materials that im using for other parts on my outboard engine that dont need labels, they can get directly painted. but i am having to go to my label and check the blend with color box and guess and check until i can match the label color up with my actual paint material.

ive seen where you can apply textures to labels, but is there anyway i can apply a material to a label so i can give the stripe my paint color without having to guess and check trying to color match it with little tweaks using the blend with color option for the label?



You can apply the paint material like a label and use the contour/shape of the text as opacity mask. This enables to change the color separately.

For questions to details check the attached scene.

Hope that helps




This was exactly what i needed thank you so much! You just cut my prep time in half now i dont have to color match another set of colors just for labels!


You're welcome.

Glad that I could help.