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Copy animation from timeline
« on: September 23, 2019, 11:31:11 pm »
It would save a lot of time AND mouse movement, if Keyshot would offer the option to right-click on an existing animation IN the timeline, pick "copy" and than be able to select an object in your main view window to paste "animation/linked animation".
In addition: right now, a copied animation can be pasted simultaniously onto several objects and each part will have will have this standard animation or linked animation applied. It would be a nice to be able to select several parts right from the start, select e.g an translation animation and have this one applied to all parts as standard or linked animation. Grouping parts and applying one animation the group is an option, but not always useful (since regrouping will break live linking etc)
Last but not least, some more complex movements are made with combining rotations, translations and or fades. Instead of building two separate animations, one unified property panel would be fantastic! (see attached!)