Is it possible to stop animation before completed?

Started by Urban, January 15, 2020, 11:51:19 AM

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Short but important question.

Animation at (KeyShot 8 Pro):
Can I stop my render of the animation at half time?
and work with the saved data of ( by now 147 frames)
instead of waiting until all 300 frames?
It has already taken 24hours

Now at CET time 01:47 (am) it´s 175 frames.
My first animation. I will improve rendersettings for next animation
But the question still: If stopping the animation now,
Will it be lost even at it´s current frame amount?
or is it saved in a file that can be opened
and of course with less seconds than 300 frames total



As it's days later, probably too late to help you with this one but for next time....

When you output your animation, did you tell it to save the frames? If yes, then the answer is easy. Just stop it and work with the frames you have and next time, pick up the animation in KeyShot at the frame you left off at.

Since you're asking though, I suspect the answer is no. So most importantly always save the frames. There's really no downside to doing that. KS has to render all of the frames individually anyway so you may as well save them. It makes it a lot easier in cases like this or in cases when you want to fix an error that only effects certain frames of an animation.

Now, even if you told it not to save the frames, those frames are being rendered out and saved to a deeply buried (likely hidden) temp folder on your drive. (at least on my Mac they are. I don't know if you are on Windows or not but it probably works the same way). The path to that folder is visible in the Frames Output section of the Animation output dialog box. (see attached image). Navigate your way to that folder and the frames will be there. They should be there even after you stop the animation but to be on the safe side, grab the ones that are in there, copy them to a new location and then stop your animation, just to make sure they don't vanish before you get the chance to get them. Next time, just tell KS to save the frames and you won't have to hunt for them.