NR studio name through queue broken

Started by andy.engelkemier, February 19, 2020, 12:06:12 PM

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This happened to my coworker, then happened to me also.
Name is 555_FakeName.[Active Studio].psd

I have 5 colors and 2 cameras. That's 10 studios I have to create (it will be a ton more for final which is why I'm concerned)

We render to PSD with Add to PSD, clown mask with labels, and the render size is 7000x7000 (just to keep things consistent just in case)

Of course, you can't just send them all to the network. First you have to add them all to the queue. So add all your studios to the queue. Wait a few minutes. Then submit to the network.
First file name: 555_FakeName.
Wait.....what happened to your active studio? Second filename? It's the error archiving. And they all fail except the first one.

For whatever reason, sending them 3 at a time works ok. But at that point, I can just send them directly to the network one at a time.

Is the name only updating if the render window is active? I'm not sure why 3 at a time would still work, but I did notice the name doesn't update until I activate the render output.

That's the best I've got for now. I'll add back in global revision as well in hopes that I can at least get my renders quickly.