Migrating materials, frozen "checking for material updates" - corrupts install.

Started by alb.abra, February 26, 2020, 07:16:46 AM

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Hi, trying to migrate 100-something materials to another PC, and after export - import process KeyShot freezes on "checking for mateial updates" 0%, for hours.

If i force a shutdown of the app, the install will corrupt, leaving me with an incomplete resources-folder, and upon relaunch, the program freezes on "importing startup.bip" for ages. It wont launch, because the "startup.bip" is nowhere to be found in the resources folder.

Only a brute, clean install with deleting the resouces folder will get the program to launch again.

Do you have any Ideas on how to go about it?

Im leaving my employer, and have to migrate the materials I've made before friday.

Thanks for any help.

Im migrating from a KS 7PRO to KS 6HD - if that is cause for concern??


Not sure if that will work, the materials might not (probably not as you are discovering) backwards compatible, unfortunately.

Have you tried exporting the materials (do a single test export first) and then importing them into the library instead of just moving them to the new folder? KS might need to import them and check the file integrity before it will allow them to be read.

Doesn't sound like there is going to be a quick or easy way other than taking copious screen shots and notes and rebuilding them.

You might also want to check on the intellectual property laws, if you are in the united states, there are some limitations depending on your employment contract on who those materials belong to. If they were developed on the clock and you were paid by the company for them, they might actually belong to the company and you might not have any legal right to move/copy them. Just cover yourself, I've been in that spot (not fun) before as well, and my old company would have happily sued me into oblivion if they caught me taking even a simple after effect script offsite.


Thanks for the reply, I did export the materials, and import within KeyShot Library. I exported an entire folder, which might be the culprit, that KeyShot simply cannot check the compatability for a quantity of materials like that.

I suspect that it is during the "checking material updates" process, that KeyShot replaces resources and in this step, corrupts or deletes files, so that it is unable to launch again.

I did the export and import within the library, not just a move in the folders on my drive.

I have successfully been able to do a similar operation in the past, but not for so many materials, and that time both instances of KeyShot were KeyShot 6HD. 

Regarding IPR, This is just the case. I am trying to transfer the materials TO my employer, as I am keeping(buying) the laptop from the employer. 


Hmm, then it would likely be a backwards compatibility issue then. I'm not even sure where to start on trying to solve that one! Good luck to you, and if you find a solution, please post it here, might help someone else. This might the perfect time to post in the new Support forum here- https://luxion.freshdesk.com/support/discussions