Automatically flip pop-up window when interrogating materials used in a project.

Started by jhiker, March 10, 2020, 03:07:07 AM

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A minor point but it would be welcome..
When browsing the project window in the materials tab you can hover over a material in the lower half of the screen and it shows the name in a pop-up window.
The pop-up window runs off the screen when I'm looking at materials on the RHS of the collection and I can't see the name of it.
It would be much slicker if the pop-up could automatically flip over to stay on the screen in such cases.


And those little windows are persisitent. If the pop up goes off screen, moving the mouse away from the material doesn't let the pop up go away, it sticks.

I've had this issue as well. I would ask for the ability to allow 2 rows of text under each as well.