Author Topic: anyone having multi-material breaking?  (Read 1104 times)

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anyone having multi-material breaking?
« on: June 17, 2020, 06:59:02 am »
Lately, we've been having multi-materials break. But so far it seems random, and so I haven't figure out the issue. Just curious if anyone else has had something similar so we can help figure out where there might be a bug to squash.

For us, we've been using GPU mode pretty much exclusively, with denoise. So we usually save files in that state.
Opening the file, I'll notice a multi-material has sometimes deleted a material that was in it, and also changed a material that exists there to a new color.

So far, things to note, other than GPU are I've found this Might be only happening if a material exists in that multi-material group as a toon material, or a ground material.
But other guesses might be that keyshot allows you to create materials there with names that are exactly the same as other materials in the scene, which may cause an issue?

Some of the "messiness" is happening because we are working rapidly to update this and that from really messy data, hacking things together and quickly getting a new render out. Sometimes we'll have an update again before even finishing the first task (well, that's frustrating, but at least we aren't bored). And we're importing bits and pieces from other keyshot files.

Luxion, of course, will ask me for the file. But without having both the before and after file, I can't really do that. And we're going fast. I can only type things like this, While rendering something larger. Then I'm back to it. If I figure out two scenes that cause it, I'll definitely send your way Luxion. But we've been hesitant to use mult-materials at all lately, due to these issues. We do our best to avoid unknown issues. But I Do like to actually identify them.

Has anyone else had multi-materials kind of "jump" to other materials, delete a material or two, or end up representing a material completely incorrect? If so, please add some details so we might be able to find some overlap.