Anisotropic Radial Reflections "Centred on Part"?

Started by lilliput, June 26, 2020, 06:13:34 AM

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Hey pretty new keyshot user so forgive me if this question has a simple solution I haven't thought of.

I am rendering an assembly involving numerous parts (way more parts than I want to do one by one) which I want to have a metallic Anisotropic radial brushed finish. I have so far done this by applying a "Brushed (Radial)" bump texture which is "Centered on Part". This seems perfect allowing all components I apply with this material to link to one and other but have the brushed bump texture centred on each individual instance.

When I came to controlling the reflections (provided by the Anisotropic material type) adding the "Roughness X" and "Roughness Y" I selected the Radial Mode but it no longer gives me a way to centre on part instead I only have the option to "Position Texture" which isn't unique to each component its the reflection centre for all components this material is applied to :(

Is there a way around this allowing me to keep the reflections centred on each part without giving every part its own material and making it a nightmare to manage and make alterations down the line?



Eugen Fetsch

Try using "Part" instead of "Model" mapping in the texture properties.

Eugen Fetsch

If it doesn't help. Then you would need to unlink the material and adjust it seprately for the objects where the texture is off.