Author Topic: Geometry Setup & GPU Materials loading times between animation frames too long  (Read 3753 times)

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Offline Kirelund

Can someone please comment as to why when I render an animation, the time between frames is significantly longer than the actual rendering time of the individual frames?

In between every frame the render preview window displays a msg says GPU Geometry setup for about 45 sec, then: loading GPU materials for another 90 sec, then the accuatual rendering time of about 30 sec.  And after it finishes each frame, it takes about 2 min to save the frame and start the whole process over again.

My animation frames are 960x540  @ 450 passes.

Scene Details:
Triangles: 22,461,142
NURBS: 189,843
GPU Mem: 4.3GB/8.0GB

Computer specs: 
CPU: Xeon W-2123 @ 3.6GHz
GPUs (x2) Quadro P4000
Samsung 950 PRO SSD

I render 360 XR scenes frequently and never have this issue. What am I missing?

Offline Kirelund

Hello crickets.... I always try to do support teams the courtesy of posting my less pressing technical issues on their forums before calling in to open a technical support case.   This issue will eventually result in a support call if I can't get any traction here.