Can't get rid of a noise

Started by yuri_ch, September 10, 2020, 02:37:22 AM

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Hi! Trying to render such kind of scene and even a high number of samples can't make it look smooth and clean. Here is a simplified scene which I can share with you which represents my problem. In my real scene, this circle is a part of a gpu fan which is placed behind a window (glass) of a PC and RGB plane is some kind of lightbar where emissive material has been applied. So each time even with an extremely lot number of samples anisotropic circles looks noisy. How can it be fixed?



The noise occurs because of the bump texture's low resolution and quality.
I would suggest using the Generic material with anisotropy for this application instead.
You can try attached KeyShot material. Simply import it into your material library and then apply it to the disc part.