Failed to import assembly in keyshot 2.3

Started by throwjunk, November 05, 2011, 05:16:16 PM

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I was working on solidworks assembly, and I kept rendering every now and then.
Keyshot was working perfectly fine up until a certain point.
Now keyshot won't let me import the assembly file anymore.

I tried deleting every single parts and save the file with just a simple box extrusion.
To no avail, Keyshot still treats the assembly file the same way.

Currently I'm using Solidworks 2010 and Keyshot 2.3
Any solution to this problem? It's greatly appreciated.

- Ben


What error message are you getting? The tessellation is still contained in every part, correct? You didn't turn that off by any chance?


The "save tesselation with part document" box is checked but greyed out (so basically I couldn't even unchecked it even if i wanted to)

Here's the error message that I'm getting using both old and new version of KS.

With KS 2.0

With updated KS 2.3