Keyshot 9 deleted scene

Started by Rollk1, November 10, 2020, 05:35:26 PM

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Never had this happen before; running Keyshot 9 on Windows 10. I was working on a scene when Keyshot froze and I had to shut the computer down. When I booted back up and opened the file I previously saved, the scene was completely empty. Could it be related to running GPU mode? Attached is the log file if someone could take a look. Thank you.


dang that sucks. have you contacted support directly? did you have auto backups on? Does the keyshot file size make sense for what should be in there?


Oh man, this happened to me last night!
It froze my entire computer. But I can't open my file at all. It seems corrupted, and I can't import it either. it tries, but doesn't do anything with no error. I only lost 20 minutes, so just did it again. I've got the file in OneDrive, which doesn't care for you to have a software freeze the computer while it's it's really a bad combination.
That's why I don't like saving over a file. SaveAs, and keep at least 2 versions at all times. Keyshot files go corrupt fairly often. I'd like to say it's more often when using GPU, but it's difficult to say.