How to import animations from Clo3D, other than by alembic route

Started by rgauba, November 15, 2020, 02:53:45 AM

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I have been trying to import my animations from CLo3D to Keyshot via alembic file, using deformable mesh. The file just doesn't get imported and eventually the system hangs and software crashes. The same alembic files get imported just fine in Blender, but without the animation. Even the .fbx import only imports the still object and not the animation in both, Blender and Keyshot.

I have a core i5 system with 8GB Ram.  Is there any other way to import my animations in Keyshot, other than the alembic or fbx route? I found a way around with Blender wherein I import the .obj file, then add mesh cache modifier to get the animation via point cache file. Please let me know if there's any such route for Keyshot. Been breaking my head over it since a week now.