Make object inside glass more clear / remove glass glare

Started by mendezin, November 15, 2020, 03:26:57 AM

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How would you go about making an object, in this case a pocket watch dial, inside a glass object more clear. Is this something I should fix in post-processing or it this possible within Keyshot.

In the attachment I've added two examples of the pocket watch. One is without the glass, which is very clear and one with the glass (dielectric material) which has a glare from the light reflection. I still want people to see that it's glass but I also want the dial to more visible/vibrant.


that's going to be mostly a lighting issue. if you give your lighting a lot more contrast, there will be highlights, less foggy look to it. You might have to do mulitple renders and mix them in photoshop. Someone posted a video once of a high end watch being worked on, and they had about a dozen renders they mixed in PS to get the final.

Your second shot needs more contrast in the HDRI. Blacker blacks, bright whites, less grey areas on the HDRI