Car paint fresnel/falloff

Started by Pepster3D, January 22, 2021, 07:56:08 AM

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Hello-I am looking to understand how to add a custom falloff map to metallic paint material in the material graph?  I am not getting dark enough edges with the car paint material on its own, even if I adjust my lighting.  Here's a photo of the material I am trying to achieve and also a Keyshot render (color wasn't adjusted yet).  The render was using black cards on the sides just like I had used in my original studio photo.  The edges get darker gradually in the photo which is what I'd like to achieve.   What is happening on the right side of the render is frustrating me.  It just looks like a block of grey.
  Thank you.


hello Pepster3D,

yet I see this as your best option!
Not sure how you have done this so far, but I would use black faces, which I would place in front of the object to block light and to add black reflections!
You have to set the material for the black faces to "Emissive". This way, you can make the object invisible to the camera and you can get much closer to the object.
With the distance you can drive the falloff as well as the density of your "shadow" (meaning more or less grey or black..)
You could also add a color ramp to the opacity channel and drive the falloff manually to create a nicer penumbra...

hope that helps...
best regards