little bug: KS Network Rendering icons in macOS Big Sur system tray - bug out

Started by Aeonjoey, February 19, 2021, 03:29:27 PM

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This seems to be specific to multiple-monitors on macOS Big Sur. I'm on a MBP 16" and others on our team have MacPros and iMac Pros with the same issue.
It's just aesthetic but is definitely a KS specific bug as no others do this:

On 'other' monitors other than the one active, the KS network rendering icons (monitor and worker) become 'squished' (see screenshots)
switching focus to that monitor makes them normal again. you can duplicate by going back and forth between multiple monitors - the non-active monitors show this affect.

Thankfully there's nothing functional about the bug, just visual.
It looks like it's something to do with the format of the icon image itself, as if you look at the other icons on the retina screenshot, they have drop-shadows, but some of these apps are several years old (this BetterTouchTool version is from 2014, Cisco from 2015, Toothfairy BeatsX icon is from 2017) yet those show the drop shadow.