Smooth Plastic Artifacts

Started by topsecretagent, April 06, 2021, 02:50:43 PM

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Does anyone have any ideas why my smooth plastic material is rendering with artifacts near the shadowed areas?? This is at 512 samples, so that's not the issue. The material is super simple plastic with no texture applied.

Rendering Interior mode with physical + hdri lights, ray bounces at 28, global illum bounces at 2.

Thanks in advance! :)



Hello Johanna.

I would use the region feature in the shadow area and let KeyShot res up for a while. So in the heads up display you would see, when or at wich sample rate no artefacts were visible. I guess also the de-noisier would do a pretty good job. And on top, you can change the material type to plastic transparent or advanced, so you can change the material samples from the gloss parameter.

What's the reason to use interior mode instead of product mode?

If you search for interior renderings and artefacts in this forum, you'll find a lot of examples with similar issues and the solutions as well.

Hope that helps.