BUG? Studios are added to queue as configuration

Started by A.Frosinn, June 12, 2021, 01:23:30 AM

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Since Version 10 (changed from 9 directly to 10.2) there is a  MAJOR PROBLEM for my workflow, I assume it is a bug in the configurator architecture: If i put multible Studios by the 'add Studios' function to the queue, it is rendered as one configuration. The Problem with this: The custom naming is deleted (horror) and even harder: THE DEPH OF FIELD WILL NOT BE ADJUSTED! I suspect is overwritten from the current camera setting on all renders, but not taken from the camera settings stored in the studios. So I end up with images with wrong focal planes and blur. The problem existed before in V9 in the configurator, which is why I could never use the configurator, but had to save all perspectives as individual studios.

I really hope this will be fixed soon, because otherwise i will be forced to use V9 again, because i can't spend like 5 houres to put 300 Studios into the queue (i do a lot of renderings for my company) one by one.

The Problem is only in V10.2 I changed to V10.1 an now the studios are added 'normally' to queue.

Niko Planke

Hello A. Frosinn,

It looks like you issue is very similar to the the one discussed here:

For us to have a better chance of tracking this issue, i suggest we use that thread for this issue.

We are currently looking into how we can ideally solve the issues you experienced.