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Is cordless vacuum a perfect choice for your house?

The traditional corded vacuum has been familiar to most vacuum users nowadays. One of them must once think of what if his/her vacuum doesn't need to be plugged in every time they use it to bring it everywhere in their houses. Of course, all the top vacuum cleaner brands must think of that scenario before you do! With the wish of giving the customers a better cleaning experience, besides traditional cylinders, upright vacuums, most of the best vacuum cleaner brands have been adding to their product category the cordless vacuums. A cordless vacuum cleaner is fixing all the disadvantages of the corded vacuum and offering the users the portability and convenience to handle all the cleaning tasks. However, thousands of cordless vacuums claim to be the best vacuum on the market, so which one should you choose to make sure it is the best one for your own house? Let us help you with that.



When speaking of cordless stick vacuums, the first thing that comes with them should be the portability it has when you use it to clean your house and when you need to store it afterward. Top-rated vacuums on the market now offer you cordless vacuum cleaners with the weight of 3kg, which twice lighter than the standard vacuum. Since you are not hampered with the cord and the power socket, you should be able to bring it everywhere, on the stairs, out the garden. Even some of the model now can be transfered into handheld vacuums so that you can clean up your car with them as well. Yes, the portability and convenience they can bring you is infinity!

Quick cleaning

Some of the Best Vacuum Cleaners On The Market - TOP Rated Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews offer wall mounts for their cordless vacuums. This option allows you to grab and clean whatever is lying on the floor and quickly bring your vacuum back to its house. That's why the cordless vacuum is such an ideal choice for quick cleaning jobs. Spill something in the kitchen. A cordless vacuum is here to save you, don't you worry!

Cleaning performace

All the jokes aside, the essential thing that should be considered when buying a vacuum must always be the cleaning performance. The last thing you want with your new vacuum is that it hardly sucks anything because the airflow is simply too weak. Fortunately, most of the good vacuum cleaners would offer you a powerful suction power that can suck up all the dust and debris on the hardwood floors and the carpeted ones.


Battery life

Battery life can be seen as the advantage and disadvantage of the cordless vacuum cleaner. Your vacuum has a battery that means there is no need to attach any card to your vacuum. And no cord attached to your vacuum, it's a good thing, but you also want to make sure the battery would last long enough for you to clean up all the spots you need. Long story short, the more you pay, the more extended battery will last. Please make sure to estimate how much time it would take you to clean up your house and choose your vacuum wisely with the battery life is one of the key considerations.

Dust capacity

It is essential to know how much dust your cordless vacuum is able to store. Yes, the cordless vacuum saves you a lot of cleaning time, but you probably don't want to spend that extra time empty the dust bin in your vacuum. The cordless vacuum market has been updating various models. The manufacturers have all the vacuums with a bigger size of the dust bin to the dust bin that prevents dust from escaping – a smart choice for allergy sufferers.

We hope that the above summary would give you a better insight into the cordless vacuum. The advantages and disadvantages of a cordless vacuum would be a big helper when you are in the journey of finding The Best Vacuum Cleaner for your house.


If an AMD Threadripper with a Quadro 8000 is not on the table, then I'd say go for the next best thing. Something like a Ryzen 3 CPU, 32 Gb ram and an nVidia RTX card (3080 offers best bang for the buck at the moment.. a cheaper option would be 3060 ti or the regular 3070). If you render really memory intensive scenes with lots of big textures and huge meshes, a 3090 is the better option due to it's larger memory capacity.
I'm not sure if Maya also offers hardware acceleration on AMD cards, but blender (Cycles) works great with nVidia Optix (RTX) and Keyshot ONLY has GPU acceleration on nVidia hardware. If you do go for AMD, blender also has AMD Pro Render as a render engine (which also works on nVidia), which offers great results.. so for blender I'd say it's not all that critical.


I am mainly using my RTX3080 for all my rendering and so far I'm really happy with it. If you can combine that with a powerful CPU you'll have a really good rig for rendering. Order in your RTX3080 now though, they take forever to come in. I waited 4 months before it arrived.