2K + 4K Display Issue

Started by Higuchi, September 09, 2021, 06:38:40 PM

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I'm using Keyshot with the latest version on 2K(1920x1080) + 4K(3840x2160) displays.
When I start Keyshot on 4K (after closing previous working on 4K), it always become quater size on full size window and I never control any buttons like attached.
After I move the window to 2K once (at least a half of window) and back to 4K, it become proper normally.

I guess it's caused from complicated double displays environment.
When it is opened on 4K display, Keyshot seems to be opened on 2K display accidentally.

Does anyone is facing same situation? If so, please share your PC environment.



Can try this: right click KeyShot desktop short cut, check your run settings. I am using 2 2k displays no issue


Thanks for the info.
My status is "Normal".
While I changed Normal to Maxmum, the problem can not be solved...

Synje Andersen

Hello Ryosuke,

You are right that this is a problem. We have seen this before and are working on correcting it.

Best Regards


Hi Synje,

Thnak you for letting me know! I strongly ask you to fix it ASAP!
Let's imagine that many users always adjust window size by their hands analogly when Keyshot is started.
I like Keyshot because you engineers always hear user's request!



Hi Administrator,

Could you please solve this problem as soon as possible?
Please understand everytime I open Keyshot its window can't be displayed properly.



Same issue fixed. My portable is 4K with a 2K HDMI connected display.

Attached are screenshots of what I did to get the windows to behave as expected. Windows settings was a big part of the problem IMO.  Note, the "11 font size" under KS preferences and under the KS windows tab I have "enabled docking" checked. 

Last 2 images show how KS appears on a 2K screen and 4K respectively.


Hi DT,

Thanks for informative info!
But, unfortunatelly, I couldn't solve the issue. Could you see my screen shots?

And, may I know what does "enabled docking" mean again?



Enable docking will dock the various UI Tab Windows; Library, Studios, Project, etc...

You're right it's not the fix.... I thought I had it solved and then the day after posting my reply it started to bug out again.

That said, yesterday I switched my 4K display to 2K resolution and I so far haven't had any issues but it's only been a day.  I know it's not ideal but I'd rather use a lower resolution than fight with the windows.  Maybe give it a try?

I'll report back if I run into problems with the 2K res.


Thanks for info.
Quick asking, which versions of Keyshot do you use?
While I'm using still Keyshot 10, I'm wondering if it would be improved on Keyshot 11.