How to import Substance materials without UV

Started by Akash, May 10, 2022, 04:06:33 PM

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Is there a way to import Substance materials without UV...?
I have these Zbrush models which are very hi poly. I was going to simply bring the models directly to KS. but the materials imported from SP do not work [no UV].....     [My customer wants specific SBSAR materials that he chose.]  I don't seems to manage to bring these hi poly models into painter to create UV. [auto unwrap  doesn't work].  until now I never needed to make UV maps in ZB and would rather not go there if there's another way...?

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If they want specific materials used, it would seem they would also expect those materials to be applied to the models in a specific way. Without the UVs, there's no way for KS (or any other program really) to understand what that specific application is. That being, exactly "how and where" to apply the materials to the models. Without the UVs your choices are the other standard mapping modes in KS (Planar, Box, Spherical, etc...). Maybe one of those could get close but it's hard to say since we don't know what the models or the materials look like.


thanks for the explanation.  attached is a screenshot of one of the pieces.   These are the customer's designs, he wants a very large number of variations but all at the same size and general shape. the parts are relatively flat and boxy, and I was hoping to get good results with the different  geometrical projection [box / planer... ].
Basically because most of the geometry the customer wants is made of lots of small hard surfaces I have not been successful in getting clean results with quads remeshing.... and there for I don't know how to to get to a low quad poly version for UV unwrapping. [I do need all the actual geometry for 3D printing so texturing the pattens will not do]

Hence the question:  How to import Substance materials from Painter without UV? so the material can be used for simple projections.

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