non proportionally scale texture bump in KS3 ?

Started by Tim Wolf, February 03, 2012, 03:19:20 AM

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Tim Wolf

In KS2 there was the possibility to scale an texture bump just in one direction only, or lock the aspect ratio.

In KS3 so far I can only find the scale function that scales proportionally (locks the aspect ratio).

I already have tried the box map "mapping tool", but this is very hard to handle for scaling since the map will start moving during scaling.

Is there in KS3 a more easy way to scale bump maps in single direction only ?

Chad Holton

Hi Tim,

Yes, there's a little arrow beside "Scale" under the texture tab. Click this arrow and you will be able to scale in one direction.

Tim Wolf

Hi Chad,

Thanks for your quick reply !

Problem solved  :)