Objects faded out to 0% still impact rendering time

Started by Kuba Grabarczyk, June 19, 2022, 02:53:38 AM

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Kuba Grabarczyk

Hello Keyshot community,

Recently I noticed that even when some objects are faded out to 0%, the objects are still involved into rendering process calculations. I had a very complex scene with everything disappearing except one part remaining at the blank background and the render time of the frames are 3-4 times longer than just regular time of rendering this frame with the rest of the model DISABLED. It is one another thing which is ruining my animation rendering times... I use Keyshot 11.1 Pro

Have anyone experienced it too? Is it regular Keyshot behavior?

Can it be improved any way in future releases of Keyshot? What is a reason of that?

Best regards,