STEP import from Ashlar Cobalt incomplete, other formats fail

Started by RonR, January 26, 2012, 04:24:00 PM

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I am using a just downloaded trial version, and I have come across some questions. 

I am importing STEP files from Ashlar Cobalt, using a Mac running Lion, and the rendering is amazing, easy and fast- except that a few surfaces are missing- by that I mean solids have missing faces.  IGES import failed and gave an error message, STEP import gave no errors, but some surfaces are absent.  DXF failed as well.  I don't see any other formats to try.  I'm pretty careful about the geometry, and the parts all check out well internally as far as Cobalt is concerned.  I would really like KeyShot to work for me, but so far it isn't. 


Can you share examples so we can take a look? You can either post here or send to


I'm sending the zipped .STP file to the support email. Thanks.


Just an update- I recalled that Cobalt has generated problem files in the past if a conic section was used.  I went back and rebuilt the parts converting the conic to a bezier curve, they imported into KeyShot fine.