Material Settings for "Dark Chocolate"- settings by timb

Started by Speedster, May 19, 2010, 01:56:45 PM

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Here's the "Dark Chocolate" I posted today on Materials/Dark Chocolate, from settings by timb. My little "Cube-Ball" material test model.  HDR: Factory.  Environment: Brt:1.25.   Gamma: 2.
Bill G


Thank you Bill.  :)

I have add some chocolate textures. :)


Yow!  So, how did you do the textures?  I'm sure they are from a jpeg, but, that is so cool!  Please share the tricks.  For my need it was simply the color, to replicate a particular paint color called "Lake" (I have no idea why) back in the 19th Century.  But, I can see a lot of applications, as you so well demonstrated.
Bill G


Bill, yes with pleasure.

Please open and save both textures (above):
- 0100.jpg 1,02 MB (1300x1300)
- 0102.jpg 1,02 MB (1300x1300)

Then you can assign the textures, as follows:
( My Snapshot was done with V2 beta, but it works also with V1.9xx,
as shown in the following screenshots)
But the result will look better with V2.  :)  


...und here is the second texture: 0100.jpg  
You can play with the values... :)

Robert V.

with all the chocolate here recently, I get real hungry!

What do you mean that it looks better in V2? is the render engine updated too?


My poor English, sorry.

I mean with KeyShot V2 we have better control over the settings.
In my example above, the texture and bump map settings... among others :)