"I get paid thousands of dollars for them" ...

Started by PhilippeV8, May 24, 2012, 07:10:28 AM

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In a thread that once used to be on this forum started & removed by .. you know who .. I read "I get paid thousands of dollars for them" ... realy ?
I must be on the wrong job here ... (or I'm not talented enough)


Me too, I get paid nicely for work once in a while, but I am not turning enough to live on Freelance at the moment!



"If people knew how hard I have to work for my mastery, they would not think it so wonderful".  This was said by the great artist Michelangelo.  My mom, who was a professional fine artist for over 70 years, had it hanging on her studio wall.  And nothing else.  It now hangs on my wife's studio wall.

There are so many levels of skill and mastery, and it's truly sad that one person, whose work we all admire and have learned from, has such a thin skin that he cannot accept constructive criticism from his professional peers to whom he has submitted and shared his work.  Especially when the work may be out of his comfort zone.  You see, when we refuse to learn, or when we reject honest criticism, we hurt only ourselves.  The dollar value others may assign to our work has no bearing on whether that work is good or bad, only what the client is willing to pay. 

In my over forty years in product development and design I have been blessed with working with many of the greatest names in Industrial Design.  Without exception they had very strong egos, and without exception they were the first to recognize and honor a spark of genius in others, and to learn from and encourage those who worked for them.  Much of our modern design ethic came from their studios, and not as a result of slamming others work, offerings or opinions in a hateful and destructive manner.

Interestingly, two of the people I refer to in the last paragraph are members of the KeyShot Forum.

So, as much as I admire and respect this one persons artistry and skill, as I know we all do, the Forum will be better served without the negative barrage of ego derived opinion.

Bill G


Very nicely put Bill. It was only today that I had read everything written. The arrogant dismissal was something that I have seen too often, but the dismissal of my work in anger is a new one on me (in an online community anyway!).

I don't hold myself in any real elevation with regards to my work. I know what I am doing, but plenty know much more, and I'm always eager to learn and improve my work from you guys when it comes to Keyshot.

I have no time for Ego, not my own, and not anyone else's either :D