KeyShot 3.2.32 won't load library

Started by skydrive, June 01, 2012, 08:22:27 AM

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I just updated to 3.2.32 and can't get it to load the Library without crashing. Same files as I was running last week. Tried various tactics and no luck.

Anyone know how to go back to the previous version before this latest build? I have a rush project and am now using 2.3.2 instead.

Chad Holton

Just sent the 3.1.48 links to your gmail account.

What you may have to do is a fresh install by moving (not copying) your KeyShot 3 resource folder to your desktop. Try that with the full 3.2 installers first. If that doesn't work then resort back to 3.1 for now.


Thanks! Got it.

I'll wait until the next rev to update.