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Started by Seghier, June 01, 2012, 10:05:06 AM

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i like design and i use blender because it is free and many designers in the world used it
i hope see a plugin to export from blender to keyshot


Yes, I want to request the same thing, I tried a lot, but Its too hard to export from bledner for keyshot, it always gives error, I have to export every object one by one. Keyshot can't accept it all together. Please a plugin would be great help.


I'll add another request for this!!


What are the formats exported by blender? obj is usually a good basic format just to get the geometry over as well as basic materials.


thank you ,
yes blender export to obj and many formats but plugin will be better .
i tried export from daz to keyshot but sometimes there is problem with uv and textures , because it is obj format.


Here's a list. I think that there are more than this, but this is from a list of included scripts. There are actually a few free renderers, but nothing that approaches the ease of use that KeyShot does. Blender is also growing rapidly in popularity because it's free. You know, free as in people can save their money for the renderer...

AC3D Importer/Exporter

AC3D import/export scripts. (.ac format)
This script is provided with the latest version of blender so there is no longer a web page for the script.


This python script exports a blender model into the Cal3D format, including armature and animations. It is now distributed with the latest blender release.


blender2crystal lets you export to Crystal Space ( directly. It even lets you run Crystal directly from blender.


A set of Python scripts, for use with Blender that will export to Java XML, which can be decoded with the standard java.beans.XMLDecoder class.


An exporter to md5 file format.
Direct link to the script(s):

Blender Digital Elevation Model importer

Goal of the script is the generation of a Blender grid mesh whose vertexes reflect the elevation data of earth surface, contained within a SRMT or GTOPO format file.


Open Flight import/export scripts.

BS Exporter

Free Plugin to allow you to create realistic, high-performance interactive 3D scenes based on the international standard X3D format, and deployed via BS Contact VRML/X3D.


Export to DirectX text file format format.

Export Cod

A Python script to export to a VOS COD format for building multiuser virtual environments. Eventually we will move beyond just an export script and begin building plugins to integrate a VOS world into Blender for editing.
GTA Import/Export (DFF)

GTA Import/Export Tool


With you can export Blender scenes in a M3G file format or a java class using with java mobile phones (conform with j2me and JSR 184: Mobile 3D Graphics API for J2ME)


NeverBlender enables creating custom content
(creatures, weapons and armor, placeable items, etc) for Bioware's computer game "Neverwinter Nights". Tools for both importing and exporting Bioware ASCII .mdl files are provided."
- Features and limitations: Exporter can do almost everything the MDL format supports, except for some properties and huge features like emitters and animations (though animation will be there this summer, I promise).
OGL Exporter (Depreciated)

Script to export a blender mesh to OGL.

OSG Exporter

Python module to export the blender objects to the OpenScenegraph file format (


Povanim is an export script project (to discover what are python script) for "mesh" objects, particularly oriented to regular users of Povray 3.5 and MegaPov 0.7, Megapov 1.0 renderers.

PLY import/export

The PLY is used by the Stanford 3D scanning repository. The importer supports the ASCII and binary formats (both big and little endian), and the exporter writes ASCII.

QuickTime Cubic VR 6 Image Exporter

This script exports 6 jpg renderings for use in a cubic QuickTime VR file.

Blender exporter for Macromedia Flash

STL import(Batch)

A batch import script for binary stl files.


A suite of Python scripts to import Terragen data into Blender.


A generic export script that exports a plain text version of a .blend file.

Torque Exporter

A set of python scripts that allows one to export Blender Scenes to Torque .DTS Shapes. More info on Torque can be found at:

Vector Rendering Method

Vector Rendering Method, is a 2D vector based export Script.
VRML2 Exporter

VRML2 Exporter Script.

Wavefront OBJ Importer/Exporter

This script allows for full importing and exporting of .obj files. uv texture coordinates and normals can be exported and imported. .obj groups and materials can also be converted to and from material indexes in Blender.


X3DExport is a script for exporting Blender scenes to the XML encoding of
the X3D file format.

Imports and exports for XPlane Scenery.