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Started by boogie, June 03, 2010, 12:13:13 PM

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I want to render my boat.
My question is: is it possible to let parts of the hull disappear so that the model "dives" with the hull into the pic and becomes invisible ???
The water has a flat surface, so I just want the upper part to be visible without takeing the model apart.

I tried to move the hull part below ground level but it was still visible.
Anyone git a trick for that?




How about importing a plane as your actual ground plane, and then map a water image as texture and bumpmap? Some great textures have just been posted in the SHARE section under materials.



thank you for the quick reply, this forum is really great!
I will try it out now ;D


Another way, if you are using a backplate, is to render the hero shot, then hide everything and just render the backplate.  It's good to also make a clown pass to allow easier selection in Photoshop.   Import the clown, backplate and hero shot into Photoshop, using the "place" command.   Link the layers, and duplicate layers as needed.  Then you can airbrush erase whatever to suit.

If you can use the ground plane instead, that's best.

Bill G