Author Topic: 7 CL 65 AMG 4K resolution wallpapers shots, and one Dark cherry Sesto Elemento  (Read 4488 times)

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Hi, I've done a few shots of the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento before, and you guys were amazing with the feedback.
For my next batch of renders I decided to go with one of the sexiest looking luxury coupes, the Mercedes CL 65 AMG.
Here are the thumbnails:

And here's a link to the page where you can Download all the images above at 4K resolution with no watermarks.

And here's a dark cherry Sesto Elemento:

And the link to the page to download the Lamborghini wallpapres (and my previous Sesto renders) :

Offline Dylan

Great modelling, well done.

Offline CAClark

Some nice camera angles,but those cars need more work on the shaders/materials to make them look really nice.