Keyshot VR makes my head spin

Started by raygunstudio, November 13, 2012, 09:04:50 AM

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Wow, very nice!
Do you mind sharing how you created the "digital sparkle"?






So yeah, the digital sparkle is a very coarse, pixelated multi-layered noise tile... with a lot of bump to give it dimension and a bit of metallic feel. The outer shape is textured with a similar material that has a lot of alpha transparency so you can see through it. I've attached the material and environment files along with screenshots of the settings, so you can check it out or experiment with it on your own models. The thing that made this really happen though is the Bloom and Vignetting which you can find as effects under Settings. It's an amazing addition to KeyShot, and although like anything in KeyShot that is meant to mimic lens imperfections in photography that give the rendering more realism, if you take the values out of the default slider zone, interesting things tend to happen. I get a lot of the "magic" just by playing with all the settings taking them way out of the normal zone. For example the brightness of the environment is not just 1 or 2, but 30. Here's another one with the same texture on the outer head stretched to infinity and all of a sudden it's a completely different look:  If you're interested what this was all about and some really amazing insights into "Big Data" take a look here...


Lots of fun experimenting with indeed! Thanks for sharing Michael. I've put up a post about it as well.


Thank you, Josh! And glad to hear you're having fun with this. :D  Speaking of fun... maybe it's because it's real time, that KeyShot is the most fun 3D app. At least to me. I love experimenting and seeing the results instantly. Makes it like a mixture of painting and photography rather than typical 3D work.