Alias Translator - 10 Reasons KeyShot Needs One!

Started by JAKiii, June 22, 2010, 10:40:49 AM

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10. OBJ files from Alias don't group correctly.
9. STEP files from Alias don't group correctly.
8. IGES files from Alias require layer separation of material in Alias, an undesirable workflow.
7. All other file types fail for one reason or another.
6. Car designers use Alias.
5. It's easier.
4. It's easier.
3. It's easier.
2. It's easier.
1. Hypershot 1.x had an Alias translator (beta) that worked great.




yup, I am an Alias user too and I totally agree! Hope to see an Alias translator some time soon.


Alias 2011 .iges translator has a bug relating to layers.
It also has a major bug that makes HUGE .iges files. If you are using any imported .iges data, then export as .iges, the file size will grow like 10 times. So, if you have a part that is made into a solid in another software, then reimported into alias, it pretty much becomes a huge pain.