Displaying geometry badly

Started by number12, May 08, 2013, 07:38:39 AM

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I'm having some issues with Keyshot displaying a shape correctly. (I am quite new to Keyshot so sorry if this is a dumb question) but I have been working with a model in Maya, it was a sphere that was booleaned to leave a segment of the sphere, almost like a slice of orange skin but when I import the file into Keyshot the curvature of the segment is straightened out and I'm really at a loss to know why this is happening.

Is there something I should be doing in Maya like triangulating (which I have incidentally tried to no effect) or is it an issue with Keyshot?


This is in the wrong section, this area is for sharing models

Upload the .obj or .fbx and I will take a look for you - but it sounds to me like it's an issue with how it's being exported from Maya



K, sorry.

Just in case anyone else finds this issue it's an issue with Maya and not Keyshot. I have subsequently sorted it.


Do you mean the geometry comes in faceted instead of smooth looking?

I believe this could be to do with the file format and wether it saves polygon smoothing etc. If faceting is the problem, you could try exporting from maya in a different KeyShot compatible file format.