3d studio max animated camera doesn't move in keyshot, need fast, URGENT

Started by critical111, September 25, 2013, 07:17:22 AM

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I have an animated camera that doesn't move in keyshot, I selected it, and everything, the first frame position is exactly the same. I tried .bip and .fbx export and in both cases, the camera isn't moving at all. opening the animation layer, there is no camera animation, only object animation. Please someone help, I don't know what to do.

Al Baldi

It's possible that the camera is moving, but you can't see it because the camera itself isn't visible and it's hard to check if it imported correctly.

Make sure your settings for FOV in Keyshot are the same as they were in the program used to animate the camera.  Also make the frame size the same, and set the objects to real scale.

The biggest problem I've had with importing cameras is making sure EVERYTHING is set to the same scale, otherwise you could have a huge camera moving around a tiny scene (so you see nothing) or a very small camera moving inside or next to your object (and also see nothing).