2013 KeyShot Halloween Render Challenge Guidelines

Started by Josh3D, October 22, 2013, 11:46:04 AM

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Back by popular demand, it's the KeyShot Halloween Render Challenge! We're near the end of October with but a week left before Halloween and the beginning of the holiday season. We're kicking it off with a rendering contest to give you the opportunity to submit your scariest shot, your most holloweeny scene, a blood-curdling animation or an eye-popping, skin-shriveling creature rendering to send chills down the backs of anyone who gazes upon it.

There are loads of wicked awesome new features in KeyShot 4 and this contest gives you the perfect opportunity to combine them with the boundless depths of your creativity and imagination to conjure up a stunning image or animation. Use or create any model you like, render it up in KeyShot and submit it here. We'll choose the best rendering and the best animation for two very cool grand prizes that include a KeyShot Pro license.  Here are all the details.

With this rendering contest, we are very honored to have freelance Character Artist, Jerod Bogh, currently working on creatures for a 3rd consecutive season on NBC's Grimm, as the featured artist and creator of the vicious pumpkin eater you see above. We are also honored to have Shapeways and 3D World as sponsors of the contest. Like Landis Fields who created 3D prints of his KeyShot renders, Shapeways will provide a 3D print of the top two winning entries (up to $400). 3D World will also provide a free subscription to 3D World magazine for the top two entries. In addition, the best rendering wins a seat of KeyShot Pro and the best animation wins a seat of KeyShot Pro + Animation. All entries receive the enduring admiration of the KeyShot community.

Entry Requirements:

  • Submit your entry on this KeyShot forum board as a NEW TOPIC
  • Create your scariest or most captivating Halloween rendering or animation
  • Rendering and/or animation must be done in KeyShot
  • Screenshots, fully rendered images, animations or KeyShotVR's may be submitted
  • Multiple entries are acceptable
  • Post edits are acceptable
  • The competition is open to everyone
  • Team entries are welcome - prize will be transferred to team leader
  • Winners must make item available for sale on Shapeways for 90 days minimum

Additional Notes:
For a full KeyShot trial without watermarked renderings, email license@luxion.com with "2013 KeyShot Halloween Render Challenge" in the subject line. You will receive a 15-day license for use in the contest.

With your submission, it's nice to know what work went into your rendering or animation! Tell us what modeling software or other tools are used. If post editing is done, show a before and after. It's always interesting to see!

Luxion retains the right to use any image or animation submitted for purposes of promotion and marketing. All rights to the image belong to the person creating the image and attribution will be given when an image is used. Additional requests for use of render or animation files may be requested of the user via email.

For any model used from sites like GrabCAD or Turbosquid, please remember to provide proper attribution and a link to the model.

Judging Criteria:
The submissions will be judged on four criteria:

  • Scare factor
  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Composition

Grand Prize Animation (total value $3,025):

  • KeyShot Pro + Animation (total value $2,495)
  • 3D Print of the 3d model (total value $400)
  • 1 year subscription to 3D World magazine (total value $130)
  • 100% cottony soft KeyShot t-shirt

Grand Prize Rendering (total value $2,525):

  • KeyShot Pro (total value $1,995)
  • 3D Print of the 3d model (total value $400)
  • 1 year subscription to 3D World magazine (total value $130)
  • 100% cottony soft KeyShot t-shirt

Honorable mentions (up to 10):

  • 100% cottony soft KeyShot t-shirt

Monday, Nov 4th, 2013 (midnight, last time zone - UTC/GMT -11 hours)

The winner will be announced Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 via this KeyShot forum board.


We're excited to add 3D World to the list of sponsors on the contests. Top two winners will also receive a 1-year subscription to 3D World magazine!


Wow....Great! I am in.....Working on a storyboard, I have the idea and I already prepared the music. Sketches are on the way. Lot's of fun with scary moments  :)




hi guys!!! im outside from united states. living in austria now, can i participe?

Ovidiu Enache

Hello! I was wondering if we want to post 2 different images (entries) do we need two threads or we can post them all in just one thread? Thank you!



This might seem silly but its always better to ask, then to regret later. As far as deadline what is the last time zone?
I know I can search this on the internet, but I think its always better to have it explined by the forum moderators or administrators.


Sure, I've updated the main post. UTC/GMT -11 hours