Angler fish rendering

Started by bzemer, October 22, 2013, 10:57:12 PM

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The Halloween challenge gave me a chance to go back to a project I did about three years ago, when I was just learning SolidWorks and KeyShot in college.
Back then, we had KeyShot version 2, and in the time past I've gotten to know KeyShot way better.
So I wanted to share the difference of the two renderings, now that we finally got KeyShot 4.1.
The angler fish model was created in SolidWorks, and the small fish was a model given to me by my class mate Noa, to use in this rendering.

The final rendering - done with KeyShot 4.1, using area light, procedural textures and costume HDRI. Photoshop was used for post editing and the background creation.

I also included the untouched rendering. And for comparison, my rendering (with Photoshop post editing) from three years ago.

Edit - I just realized this scene is missing a very important undersea ingredient - plankton! (I also reduced the image to a smaller size to fit the screen)


Now these are scary! In fact, before Jerod started on the Pumpkin Eater, he had thought about doing an Angler fish type creature!


Haha! That's nice to know :)
They really are a scary bunch of fish...